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Car servicing is something that every sensible car owner conducts on a regular basis.
However, you must be confident in your chosen provider’s abilities and ethics.
You will have complete piece of mind if you choose Bosch Car Service.

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Mechanical Services at Cencar

Mechanical Service

From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, our skilled technicians provide comprehensive care for your vehicle's essential components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability on the road.

Bosch Car Service Cencar - Petrol Services

Petrol Services

From fuel system inspections to engine tuning, our experts optimize your vehicle's performance for efficiency and longevity.

Diesel Services at Cencar

Diesel Services

Our specialists provide comprehensive maintenance and performance enhancements tailored to diesel engines, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Services at Bosch Car Service Cencar

Our Car Services include, Oil and filter change, Lube Service, Oil & Oil filter change, Air filter change, Spark plugs, Fuel filter, Pollen filter, Timing Belt Service, Brake and Brake Fluid Service and Diagnostics and 150 Point check.

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Enjoy a cup of coffee while our team of dedicated auto electrician, petrol or diesel system technicians take care of your vehicle’s repairs.

Making out customers happy

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