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Cencar promise to it's customers:

Introducing Renew My Car

Renew My Car Technicians are your ticket to saving money and time… and lots of it.

With the support of our worldwide technology partners 3M, Betag Innovation and Kansai Plascon, my team will impress you with their ability to make your car look new again, to sell it fast and for the best possible price.

We repair light and cosmetic accident damage on site, for a fraction of the usual fee. With Renew My Car there is no longer a need to send your car to an Auto Body Repair Shop for small repairs.

Action speaks louder than words. Call us today to arrange a Free Demonstration of what we can do for you!

Renew My Car services at Cencar

Mobile light accident repair

The ‘Success’ of the repair can be measured by comparing the colour and level of gloss to the original colour and finish to that of the rest of the vehicle. Both these aspects should match perfectly.

Our highly skilled technicians offer a host of mobile repair services:

  • Dent removal and scratch repairs to plastic bumpers and metal substrates
  • Removing scratches or restoring faded paint
  • Touch Up minor nicks & scratches
  • Headlight lens polish
  • Refurbished scratched wheel trims
  • Repair and repaint scratched Mag wheels
  • Wheel trim and mag repair​

    Few things are as noticeable on a car as poor condition rims or wheel trims. Originally branded wheels and wheel trims are expensive. A viable alternative would be to have them refurbished.

    Wheel Trims
    Buying a generic “no brand” wheel trim from an Auto Parts Retailer is a consideration, but this does nothing for the car’s original look. Therefore – we believe that the best option is to restore the original factory wheel trims to New Condition, for a fraction of the replacement cost.
    We have refined the process of refurbishing damaged wheel trims. Our mobile technicians can perform this efficient process on site and the results achieved within a few hours are truly remarkable.

    Alloy Wheels
    Most alloy wheels can be repaired once scratched or even gouged. Some damage – i.e. cracks etc may require a replacement wheel and does not fall into the scope of Renew My Car’s light accident damage repair guide lines. Simply contact us so that we can do an assessment and devise a plan!

    Polish and lens repair

    Faded, yellowing and scratched headlights not only look bad, it also effects the performance of a vehicle’s headlights at night. This is an unnecessary safety risk, considering the results that can be achieved by a trained Renew My Car Technician, restoring the headlights at a fraction of the replacement cost of a complete new light.

    Often, damage seems worse than it really is, and whilst some damage can only be repaired with a full re-paint, Cut & Polish will restore the damaged area perfectly, at a fraction of the cost.

    A scratch in a car’s paintwork can best be described as a tear in the top Clear coat, reflecting light in random directions, thereby highlighting the scratch. Our cut and polish process is designed to permanently remove scratches in the paintwork.
    Best practice after a Cut & Polish is to apply a coat of Paint Protection, to ensure that the new surface is adequately protected against the elements. This is standard Renew My Car procedure and included in our process.

    Scratch Repair & black trim restoration

    Making cars look and smell new again.

    A/C Disinfect, Brush Touch and Plastic Part Restoration sets Renew My Car apart from Commercial Car washes. These add on services will make your car stand out from the rest!

    Colour coding

    One of the most important aspects of a successful repair is the colour  matching.

    Many repairs have been let down by the final colour matching and application. Preparation is Key to a perfect finish and requires careful attention but, once the substrate has beenperfectly sculpted the true artistry is in the colour.

    Each vehicle has its own Vin no and Paint Code. This code helps our Colour Mixers to reproduce the colour accurately.

    Colour coding bumpers, side mirrors and mudguards is anotherservice offered by Renew My Car Technicians. This small modification immediately transforms any car and gives it an airof luxury.

    Our Technical Training is focused on Small Area Damage Repairs, avoiding expensive Full Panel repaints.

    Inspect paint, trim and accessories to recommend repair procedure. Small Area Repair Technology

    • Keeping repairs small keeps the cost low
    • Minimizing Repair Time
    • Most Repairs completed in less than 4 hours
    • All Repairs guaranteed for the Life of the vehicle

    Prepare and paint plastic, steel and aluminium components

    Competence required to prepare and apply refinishing materials to plastic surfaces.

    Carry out buffing and polishing to retain New vehicle Gloss, and remove scratches

    De-nibbing, buffing and polishing procedures on a range of vehicle body refinishing materials

    Carry out paint rectification and touch up work for clear over base (two component system)

    Competence required to rectify and touch up clear over base (two component system) paint material faults.

    Carry out masking procedures to prevent over-spray

    Competence required to apply masking medium in preparation for vehicle/component painting.

    Apply accurate colour matching techniques

    Competence required to mix and match solid, metallic and pearlescent colours.

    Apply clear over base multi layer/pearl refinishing paints

    Competence required to apply clear over base multi layer/pearl refinishing materials to a variety of vehicle substrates by Aerosol or Spray Gun.

    Prepare vehicle/components/equipment for customer use

    This unit covers the competence required to clean, and perform a final inspection of the repaired vehicle, before delivery to a customer.